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MySkillChart Newsletter

November 2020

How Do I Download MySkillChart and Use MySkillChart App

MySkillChart App can be downloaded and used by owners, administrators, coaches, parents, and students to manage their accounts, enrollments, skill track, and more! It has a user-friendly interface they can take with them anywhere.

To download the app, customers will need to go to either Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS devices). Once there, they will search for "MySkillChart App", download and install it.

Alternatively, admins can provide their customers with direct links to the app from their own Website:

iOS -

Minimum Requirements: iOS 12 or later

Android -

Minimum requirements: Android 5+

Launching and Using the App When first launching the app, the customers will be prompted to enter their Login id, if the user account exists then their company association and user role will automatically show up. Lastly, enter your password and enjoy using MySkillChart.


Introducing Class Filter feature to MySkillChart

phone CLASSES.png

Class Filter allows admin and coaches to lock their search criteria while skill tracking students in their classes! This makes it super easy to skill track!

Multiple User Role

With Multiple User Role feature roll-out, users can now login to different user roles having the same email address linked to all their accounts.


Users can log in as an Admin, Coach and, a Parent as assigned by the owner of the organization

➢Login at MySkillChart

➢ Enter your Email Address

➢ Select User Role


Anchor Reply Rating

This feature will allow students to learn skills, upload their videos and photos for coaches to view and get coach feedback. To understand how this works, we have a video for you to watch

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