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MySkillChart Newsletter

June 2020

We’re excited to announce our new updates that have been added to our online skill tracking software in the last quarter.

Important Updates:

  • Skill Description

Add description to a skill using Skill Criteria feature in admin portal. This will serve as a reference to parents in the skill evaluation reports. Users can read 500 characters easily.

  • Notify Parents on Student’s Achievement

This feature is available on General Setting’s page for Admin/Owner. If the option is turned on then parents will receive their child’s achievement notification via email. To send achievement notification to parents, admin and instructors need to make sure to click “Done” button on class rate view or individual student’s skill tracking page.

  • Re-send Registration Emails to Families

Now Admin/Owner can re-send registration email to families. Go to families page, check the boxes for the families to re-send the registration email and click “Welcome Family” button.

  • Filter Skills by Event Name

Now admin and instructors can filter the skill chart program by Event name in individual student skill chart page.

  • Integration with Pike 13 integration

MySkillChart is now ready to integrate with your Pike 13 account. Just provide us access to your Pike 13 admin account and you are all set with the integration. For more information, please reach out to us at


Now students are guided through a journey every-time they want to try a skill. They must begin the process by pressing “Go” button for the first time, or by clicking the “Re-Try” button the next time.


Step 01

Students should click “Go” button next to a skill name to begin their journey of tracking progress.


Step 03

Students review the skill demonstration video, by clicking “Play” video icon and proceed by clicking “Next”.

Step 05

At the end of the journey, students can rate themselves by clicking on the stars and leaving a comment and click “Done” to end the journey. Students can click “Re-try” button to restart the process again.


Step 02

Students then review the skill criteria by following the skill description and number of stars required mastering the skill and click “Next”.


Step 04

Students record their video performing the skill and upload it to the skill chart using “Browse” icon. Students can watch the demonstration video and their video for side by side comparison by clicking “Blue” video button. Students can re-upload their video if needed, and click “Save and Next” to proceed.

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