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MySkillChart Newsletter

February 2021

Everything you need to know

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Here, we've compiled some helpful links to guide you towards the absolute best experience with the site and the mobile app.

How to create a membership package to enroll your customers

The best way to enroll your customers to any program is by creating a membership package for them.

Click Admin Profile Photo> Go to Membership Settings> Click “+”

Once membership package is published, copy the registration link and send out to customers to sign up.


How to create an advertisement for a program

In membership settings page, click Advertisement icon, and add an Image or a video to advertise. Your customers get a pop up for this advertisement after 30 seconds they login to their account.


You try Skill on Social Feed

Click "Go" on Social Feed and attempt a skill.


How to make your child’s account public


If your child is learning skills at home the you can make your child’s account public so other peers can see your child’s post.

Go to Family profile> Students sub-tab> Click “Make this account public”> Hit Save

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