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Track, Communicate and Analyze skill progress in one place

That is the importance of skill tracking your students online



Austin Arthur and Zander Arthur are brothers and co-founders of MySkillChart. Along with his brother, Zander Arthur is the Co-CEO of Stars and Stripes Management Systems, the parent company of several entities and brands owned by him and his brother (including MySkillChart of which he is the president).

Both Austin and Zander started their careers as gymnastics coaches before owning their own gym together, Gymnastics USA in Winter Garden, Florida.

While Zander focused on coaching, Austin focused on club management and during that time, they realized the importance of tracking progress utilizing computer and mobile technology. Their father, David Hamilton Arthur, developed a prototype of MySkillChart called "COMPU-CHART" as early as 1994 using DOS technology and a touch screen computer. In 2010 Austin designed a basic skill tracking system utilizing GoogleDocs and iFrames within the gymnastics clubs website they were managing at the time in Central Florida.

Austin Andrew Arthur of Winter Garden Florida and Zander Arthur for MySkillChart Online Tracking Software

Zander and Austin worked on the concept and in 2013 requested their father to create a new prototype using modern technologies. Before being able to finish the project, their father passed of Lymphoma very suddenly. They carried on the project with a professional development team and launched the company in 2014 with the name “ by David Arthur” in his honor.

Being on the market for more than 7 years now, MySkillChart has brought progress tracking to the front of technology in a sleek, simple, and customizable fashion. Today, MySkillChart has evolved into both a Skill Progress and Social Sharing platform for children to learn new skills and make friends through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Along with the company’s Vice President, Mark Wellington, Zander is the primary lead of MySkillChart as the acting President and Product Owner of all development, marketing, and it's active licensing brands.

 Zander Arthur 
Co-Founder & President 

 Austin Arthur 

Mark Wellington Vice President for MySkillChart

vice president

 Mark Wellington 
Vice President 

Mark started with MySkillChart as Technical Support Manager in the year 2016, it was only fitting for him to take on a much bigger role at MySkillChart. In the year 2019, Mark was promoted to Vice President of software.


Mark started his career as an online tutor where he used to assist students with their academic questions. That's the time where he found Zander Arthur and helped him with his online class.


As the MySkillChart Vice President, Mark oversees the client on-boarding process, client satisfaction, and project management. His main mission is to provide organizational accountability and consistent growth for each and every client.


The problem of tracking skill progress for students is real. For children in academia, sports, or extracurricular activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to understand the “why” when it comes to the motivation to succeed.

With instant entertainment so accessible in today’s time, children are more exposed to instant satisfaction, steering them away from the persistent effort and patience required to achieve.

In result, children need instant and positive feedback to stay engaged in any activity, especially in areas that require effort and discipline. That is why we created, an online skill tracking software for educators and students within the class based industry.

To successfully track student progress, we must provide the following… an effective way to skill track, an efficient method to communicate feedback, and a simple way to view that progress over time. We call this the Trifecta, and is our main focus as we continue to build our platform.

Our mission is to finally bring to coaches, teachers, and instructors a real solution to the ongoing problem of student progress tracking. With providing a forum for students, families and instructors to track, communicate, and view progress, we are confident that student retention and results will significantly increase in all who partake in the project.

We have already started, and it is our hope that you join us in the most important human endeavor, to raise children to reach their greatest potential by becoming successful individuals through their own merit and individuality.

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Completely Customizable Online Skill Charts!

Full viewing access for the Families and Students 24/7!

Update Live in real time!

Automated notifications for the families when achievements are made!

Automated personalized certifications emailed to the families when completing a level!

Make your own curriculum or use provided default curriculum!

Keep your families and students updated daily

Make your own skill charts or use provided default skill charts!

Instructors use personal login to skill track their personal students!

Video examples of skills or upload your personalized videos!

Store student and family information; use as a database software!

Keep your clients and students engaged with tangible goals they can review daily!

Provide your families and students with the information they deserve

Paper Charting

To modify curriculum on a paper chart you have to purge the old charts

Paper charts are easily misplaced and lost, especially if given to the student or family

Paper charts are easily wrinkled, torn, with water damage from the water fountain or scuffed up by erase marks and mistakes

Storing and filing paper charts becomes time consuming, labor intensive, and can compromise student privacy if files are available to the members


Online Charting

Modifying curriculum on an online chart is a click away, no starting over or erasing is necessary

Charts are securely stored in the cloud and will never be lost or breached

Online skill charts don’t get wrinkled, torn, water damage or scuffed up

Online skill charts, save you time; no filing is necessary

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