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Learn how to use MySkillChart for your students at home!

We integrate with your class management software!

A new way to skill track your

Toss the paper, and track progress easily with a customizable skill tracking software!

Utilize star ratings to evaluate skills

You can customize your skill charts to as many stars as you want.
We recommend three… one= almost, two= got it, three= perfect!

Leave comments after rating a skill

Write the reasoning for your star rating, remind the student
what they need to improve on, or simply leave words of encouragement.

Skill Charts you can build yourself

Have your own skill charts and progressions? Great! Add them here. You can even upload videos and photos of those skills to show as demonstrations to the students, instructors, and families. Don’t have your own? No problem! Check out our

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Pat just learned a new skill!

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Keep the families of your students informed in real-time

No more delays in communication! By receiving an email or push notification, families can utilize the mobile version to view their child’s progress live in real-time.


Rose City Gymnastics

We love MySkillChart! We have been looking for a testing software for many years. We have almost 1000 children that we must do testing for all year round. Before MySkillChart we did all of our testing on paper, this was a huge time waster for us! Since we started using MySkillChart, our testing system has completely revamped! It is now so much easier for our coaches to test each child, for our adm...

Calgary Gymnastics Centre

The Calgary Gymnastics Centre has been using MySkillChart as our online evaluation system for our recreational athletes over the past several years. We have found the system to be an efficient way for coaches to record the progress of athletes. Within MySkillChart, we are able to upload our program curriculum, along with video demonstrations of the skills in each badge/ level. This has been an inv...

Old Pueblo Gymnastics

This will be our third year using My Skill Chart and we are very happy with the product. Before we started using My Skill Chart we were using paper star charts for student evaluations and it was time consuming and not earth-friendly. Using paper evaluations also didn't give the parents a chance to review their child's progress like My Skill Chart does. We have received a lot of compliments about t...

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